Dog Toys: Top 8 Toys to Keep Them Busy

All dogs love a good toy, but some dogs destroy toys like it’s going out of style.  This list has my eight favorite dog toys for active dogs and heavy chewers, of which I’ve had a couple!  Some of these toys cost a little bit more, but they last much longer than the cheap toys, and definitely cost less than a de-stuffed couch.


The Kong

The Kong company makes an entire line of superdurable dog toys, but the snowman-shaped piece of rubber leads the entire line.  This toy is hollow, shaped like a snowman, and is the best toy for active dogs.  The toy is meant to be stuffed with a treat and frozen, and your dog will spend hours trying to get the last bits of treat.  Super-strong chewers should have the black version, made even stronger.

The Buster Cube

The Buster Cube, a hard plastic square holds about a cup of kibble.  Dump it in, shake it up, and the dog shoves it around the house with his nose until it is empty.  It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the kibble to all come out, and the difficulty level can be adjusted.  Some dogs learn little tricks, like dropping it down the stairs, to get the kibble out faster.  This dog toy isn’t cheap, but pays for itself quickly!  Note:  Make sure that any furniture it can get under is blocked, or large dogs will flip the sofa.  (Ask me how I know.)


A new chew toy has arrived on the market:  deer antlers.  These super hard, durable dog toys are sold at most major pet shops as well as online stores.  Cleaner than rawhide, dogs love these toys.

Bully Sticks

Cousins to rawhide, bully sticks provide a good time for dedicated chewers.  They do not break into large chunks as easily as rawhide, and don’t cost much for the entertainment provided.  Google them if you want to know what part of the bull they came from.


The original plastic chew, Nylabones have been around for years and are one of the most durable chew toys available.  They are hard plastic bones, and hold up well for extreme chewers.  They flake off, rather than chunk.  However, the company also makes other lines of chews that do not hold up as well or break into chunks.  Make sure you’re getting a proper Nylabone.

Rope Toys

These popular toys are sold everywhere, and dogs love them.  They are rather durable, especially considering they don’t hurt when you drop them on your foot.  Dogs love playing tug of war with them, and they are chewable too.  It’s important to make sure that your dog isn’t tearing them apart, as the chunks are very dangerous when swallowed.

No Stuffing Plushes

Some active dogs delight in removing the stuffing from plush toys, resulting in the instant death of the plush.  No-stuffing plushes are just cloth and squeaker.  For many active dogs, these toys last longer because the extreme fun of “killing” the toy is taken out.  If you’re tired of spending a small fortune on plush toys, try one of these.

Dog Fishing Pole

This toy will saves so much work for dogs with a strong prey drive.  Essentially, the owner holds the stick, and the dog chases the lure.  You stand in the middle and your dog runs circles around you.  I personally like doing this in deep snow, if the weather permits, because you don’t have to go tramping through the snow and your dog isn’t going to lose a toy.


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