The Best Dog Superhero Halloween Costumes

Lots of families will dress up their dogs this Halloween. Some of them treat their dogs like their kids, others want the dog to match the kid for maximum candy-getting possibilities. These are the best dog Superhero Halloween costumes out there!

What Superhero list doesn’t start with Superman?  This costume, available in 2X and XXXL, fits big dogs like Labs, Goldens, and German Shepherds.  Have a little guy?  This one fits smaller sizes.


Superman, meet Batman.  Both partner and rival, Batman makes for a cute but very serious costume.


What list of Superheros would be complete without the amazing Wonder Woman?  This outfit is great for dogs that like lighter outfits, and can be done without the headband if she doesn’t want to wear it.  This costume fits larger dogs.


What’s Batman without Robin?  Make a matched pair, or use this Teen Titans style costume to set a new theme.  Adorable costume, complete with mask, and sizes Small through Extra Large.  Use this link for larger dogs.

Start the Avenger’s theme with my personal favorite, Thor. Smaller sizes can be found here.

If you are looking for a good costume for a big dog, The Hulk will do great. This costume is best for cold weather and dogs that wear coats. This link takes you to smaller sizes.

The third in our Avenger list, Captain America stands for all things noble. (Though I haven’t seen all the movies, or read any of the comics.) Use this link for smaller sizes. This is another style of Captain America costume.

Have a teenage dog, or one that is especially capable of climbing? This Spiderman costume might be perfect! Use this link for larger sizes.

Last but certainly not least, use the Ironman costume for a brilliant but sassy dog. Ironman, another favorite, fits small to extra large.

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