2017’s Top Dog Christmas Gifts

What does your dog want for Christmas?

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is tricky.  I know that for me, I have to find something that the recipient doesn’t have, and maybe doesn’t even know they want.  My brother & his family always get us the best Christmas presents.  They’re always gifts we didn’t even know we wanted, but use all the time.  This list has that kind of gifts for your dog.

The Kong
Kong Dog Toy

It’s not a list of “Dog Christmas Gifts” without the Kong.  Even if your dog already has a Kong, the Extreme version is super durable and can handle a heavy chewer.  These toys are nearly indestructible, and can be stuffed with treats, peanut butter, or spray cheese.

The iFetch

Tennis ball launchers are the new “cool” toy for dogs.  iFetch produces a line of launchers suitable for both large and small dogs.  The dog drops the tennis ball into the top of the launcher, and it shoots the tennis ball.  Similar-style toys roll the tennis ball instead of shooting, or dispense treats.  This style of toy requires a bit of training, so your dog knows to drop the tennis ball back into the toy.  Most dogs catch on quickly.

HurriK9 Ring Launcher

Dogs that love fetch will love the HurriK9 Ring Launcher.  It’s a sort of toy-crossbow that shoots fetch rings.  The Ring Launcher shoots them over 100 feet.  Shooting fetch toys are practically necessary for high-energy hunting and herding breeds.  I personally love this kind of toy for playing in cold weather, because you can stay in a sheltered area, and your dog runs off a ton of energy bowling through the snow.

Antler Chews

Antler chews are the newish alternative to rawhide.  Rawhide, especially that made overseas, contains harmful chemicals.  They also can turn into choking hazards and, frankly, are gross.  Deer naturally shed their antlers each year, and the antlers are harvested yearly from farm-raised deer.  Antlers do not break into pieces small enough to choke on, instead they shave off gradually.

The Boomer Ball

Boomer Balls are awesome yard toys for dogs (and kids!)  The ball isn’t meant to be carried, so needs to be big enough the dog can’t pick it up, but are impressively durable otherwise.  Herding breeds love playing with this sort of toy, since it engages their chase instincts, and most other dogs will learn to play–especially if you play soccer with them.

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats help dogs that eat their food too fast.  When dogs eat fast, they gulp air and sometimes vomit.  These mats also work great for puppy enrichment, and can help distract dogs with impulsive behaviors.  They also engage the dog’s sense of smell, since the dog digs through the fleece to get to their food.  Remember to put it up after your dog eats, especially if your dog loves to destroy soft toys.

Hide-a-Squirrel Plush

Dogs that love plush toys will love the Hide-a-Squirrel style toys.  Just stuff all the squeaky-filled squirrels in the tree, and let them pull them out.  While this toy isn’t ideal for dogs that destroy plush toys, gentle dogs receive brain stimulation from digging out the little squirrels.

Don’t forget the storage bin!

This adorable dog toy storage bin is perfect for storing all the toys you just bought your dog.  For mental stimulation, teach him to pick up his toys at night and put them away.

More Options!

Other great gift ideas include:

What other dog Christmas gifts are you considering?  What toys does your dog love?

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