I’m Emily, and I’m an expert on all things pet.  I’ve owned almost everything furry or swimming, and lived with scales and feathers.

This blog is built for the pet owner (or soon-to-be pet owner!)  I’m going to help you have the best pet-owning experience ever.  I’ll help you choose the right pet for your family.  Then I’ll help you get everything you need to care for your new pet, learn how to care for that pet, and help you with most of the major problems that come up with whatever pet you’ve chosen.

We’ll talk about protips that the pet stores don’t tell you.  You’ll learn how to interact with your pet in ways you didn’t know possible–and we’ll talk about what to do if you want to take a step beyond pet owner and into “hobbyist.”  (Bet you didn’t know that gerbils could be a hobby!)

Why a blog?

As I mentioned, I’ve owned almost everything furry.  At 13, I was showing my own Labrador in obedience.  I became engrossed in the conformation dog world.  By 20, I was showing and training other people’s Labradors, and wanted to get involved in everything that Labs could do.  I grew up with cats, and had three as an adult–Snot, Squirt, and Fluff.  I also have kept several gerbils, a few hamsters, two pairs of rats, and about half a dozen guinea pigs.  If you can’t tell, I love critters!

My college roommate was a veterinary student, and in addition to my furry critters, she kept iguanas and bearded dragons, and I also got to know her birds.  I’ve also kept several freshwater tanks, and learned quite a bit about saltwater tanks during that time.  Never chose to keep one–the setup is a bit more expensive than I could afford in my college years, and now that I have a toddler it still isn’t the right time.  I love making tanks that could be natural, with plants and fish from the same region of the world.  My favorite region is Amazon, but I’ve done Asian as well.

I want to help you.

Yes, you.  You and your family.  Lots of information on petkeeping is experience-based.  How would you know that half the things at the pet store are unnecessary, or even dangerous for your pet?  The pet store isn’t going to tell you. It’s also not easy to learn pro-tips about puppy raising, guinea pig cages, or shocking your aquarium before you put the fish in.  I’ve got all that, and the experience to back it up.