The Best Star Wars Dog Halloween Costumes

Welcome to Halloween Season!  I searched high and low for the best Halloween costumes for dogs.  These top Star Wars Costumes go with your own theme costume, or stand-alone for the dog that loves watching movies.  The best part about these costumes?  No DIY–just take them out of the package and put them on your dog.

The Best Star Wars Dog Halloween Costumes

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How to Find your Lost Cat FAST

Last week, I shared my Snot story over on my How to Find a Lost Dog post.  Snot was my first cat as an adult, and she hated the puppy.  She slipped out one night, and I didn’t know she was gone until morning.  The story illustrates two things about cats, that they can escape without notice, unlike dogs, and that finding them proves difficult as they don’t trust the way dogs do.

Today I’m going to talk about the lost cat.  I’m going to provide my best advice to recover your cat, and hope that even if your cat has been gone for weeks, you may still recover her.


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Moving an Aquarium: Step-by-Step Guide

You signed the paperwork, now your family is moving.  With all the other crazy stuff you have to get done, moving an aquarium tops the list.  After all, you know how to put pots and pans in a box.  A box of water, on the other hand…a little bit challenging!

I’m going to walk you through the basic steps for moving an aquarium (of any size!) safely and effectively, and without losing your fish or liverock.  I wrote this post to help both fresh and saltwater enthusiasts, since the process is similar.

Moving an Aquarium:  A Step-by-Step Guide

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5 Tips: How to Keep Your Exotic Pet Cool

Small animals deserve hot-weather tips too.  Sometimes we forget about them, because most of them come from deserts or tropics, and they don’t always show their discomfort.  If you’re warm, odds are your exotic pet needs a reprieve from the heat as well.  Even when it’s cool outside, direct sunlight can overheat pets.  Check out these five easy tricks to keeping your exotic comfortable in extreme weather.


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Disaster Planning: Evacuating With Small Pets

When, as humans, we think about disasters and preparedness, we think first about ourselves and our families.  Often we include our pets as part of our family, but sometimes smaller pets are forgotten.  Small pets evacuate easily, but evacuating with pets requires care and diligence.

disaster planning - evacuating with exotic pets

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Disaster Planning: Evacuating With Your Cat

A few years ago, I lived in an apartment complex.  I liked it well enough–I was single, so didn’t need much space, and it was near work.  One morning, a few weeks after I moved in, at about 5:30 in the morning, the fire alarms went off.  I had to collect the pets.  The dog was exhilarated.  Snot, the cat, was concerned that we were all going to die and perhaps she should stay under the bed.

Luckily (Unluckily?) a neighbor had come home drunk and started cooking eggs.  When he passed out, the eggs burned and the fire alarm went off.

In the meantime, I spent every fire alarm concerned that this was a “real one” and my home would burn down.  So I began preparing to truly evacuate with my pets.  Evacuating with a dog differs greatly from evacuating with a cat.  Dogs see adventure, cats see disaster.  I developed a few tips for evacuating your cat, both capturing the beast at home as well as travelling with her.

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How to Care for a Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Bettas are perhaps one of the most beautiful fish kept in captivity.  Breeders developed millions of color combinations, with long and flowing fins.  The betta survives well in captivity, and the fish are remarkably intelligent for fish.  These fish require basic care, but perform very well as the first fish for a family.  Read on to learn how to care for a Betta, and how to keep your fish happy and healthy for several years to come.

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Oops: We’re Having Guinea Pig Babies

Congrats!  You have guinea pigs!  But now that they’ve been home for a few weeks, it seems like one keeps getting bigger…and bigger…and maybe a little wider, too.  Uh oh.  Someone’s pregnant!  What should you do next?  Here a few quick tips to get through the hardest weeks of small animal ownership.

Oops - Guinea Pig Babies! How to prepare for surprise babies.

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Introducing a New Cat: Should We?

Introducing a new cat to your existing cat family might be the best decision you ever made.  It also might result in chaos.  If you’ve already decided on a new cat, I’m going to help you decide whether a kitten or adult cat is the best choice.  It’s also possible a different type of pet might be a better solution for your existing cat family.  We’ll talk about that, too.

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