Baby-Proof Your Dog with These 7 Easy Steps

Ooh, Congrats! You’re expecting! That’s awesome! But your “first baby,” your dog, never lived with babies. Babies and toddlers are fragile little beings, hell-bent on mayhem and chaos. My son’s allergic to dogs, but still won’t keep his hands off them. Most dogs need some specific training to feel comfortable with a new baby, but most dogs also become very attached to their new human. A baby-proof dog keeps both your children and itself safe.  Here are my top seven tips to baby-proof your dog.

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Oops: We’re Having Guinea Pig Babies

Congrats!  You have guinea pigs!  But now that they’ve been home for a few weeks, it seems like one keeps getting bigger…and bigger…and maybe a little wider, too.  Uh oh.  Someone’s pregnant!  What should you do next?  Here a few quick tips to get through the hardest weeks of small animal ownership.

Oops - Guinea Pig Babies! How to prepare for surprise babies.

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