How to Keep a Newborn Puppy Alive

I’ve joined a few Facebook groups for pet owners, and every few days someone asks about the care of newborn pups.  Ideally, you should research this before you have a newborn puppy, and before you breed your female.  But some people come into it accidentally–either they adopted a dog from someone else who was pregnant, or they didn’t know their female was pregnant.

Many newborn puppies do die.  Even the most conscientious breeders lose newborns.  Newborn puppies die for a number of reasons: cold, heat, infection, failure to thrive, matricide, suffocation, disease.  Many, if not most, newborn deaths are preventable through simple supervision.

I wanted to talk about the basics of neonatal puppy care, not from a veterinarian’s perspective, but an overview of the very basic things you can do at home to keep your puppies alive and safe.

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Oops: We’re Having Guinea Pig Babies

Congrats!  You have guinea pigs!  But now that they’ve been home for a few weeks, it seems like one keeps getting bigger…and bigger…and maybe a little wider, too.  Uh oh.  Someone’s pregnant!  What should you do next?  Here a few quick tips to get through the hardest weeks of small animal ownership.

Oops - Guinea Pig Babies! How to prepare for surprise babies.

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