7 Important Reasons Why Every Dog Needs a Dog Crate

Dog crates are often seen as a “necessary evil.”  Many pet owners feel squeamish about locking up a beloved companion, especially for hours when the pet is alone.  I’m here to assure you that a dog crate is not only helpful, but nearly necessary for helping your dog maintain a positive relationship with the human world.

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No-Fail Strategies For Fixing Separation Anxiety

Oh, such a touchy topic.  Every time someone’s dog tears up the house, the phrase “Separation Anxiety” comes right out.  Pet owners hate separation anxiety.  Dealing with a dog that trashes the house, screams, defecates and urinates all over the house, can cause so many problems.  Problems between spouses, repairs, vet bills, and ultimately the dog ending up in rescue or at a shelter, or worse.

I’d like to invite you to check out my e-book on the subject.  Treating Separation Anxiety: When Your Dog Can’t Be Alone is my first in what hope will become a whole series on troubleshooting dog issues.  It’s completely free with the Kindle Unlimited program.  The below article has the major points, but my e-book goes in-depth into the issue.  Read the article, and if you think you need more help check out the book.


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