What to Do When Your Dog Bites

Did your dog bite someone?   Are you worried about what’s going to happen to your dog next, and how to get through this without losing your dog or your home?  I’m going to tell you what to do when your dog bites someone, and how to help your dog stay alive.

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How to Help the Car-Sick Dog

I’ve done the car-sick dog thing.  It sucks, because I know the dog wants to go somewhere, but I hate taking him because…ick.  Don’t fear, though!  Car sickness isn’t a permanent condition.  Most dogs can be cured with just a little help.

The Car-Sick Dog & How To Help

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Keeping Dogs Safe in Hot Weather

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe this Summer

Thirteen years ago, I had The Dog.  Not just any dog, but the dog that was with me always.  He was a gorgeous fox-red Labrador, aptly named “Rusty.”  He was the best dog.  He could be anywhere and wouldn’t steal or knock people over or do anything else excessively obnoxious.

However, Rusty had one little problem.  In Labradors, a condition called Exercise Induced Collapse can cause them to lose all muscle function when they get overly excited, and Rusty had it.  The disease is genetic, but not all (or even most) Labs are affected.  So not only did I have to protect him from normal hot weather activities, but I had to make sure he didn’t collapse somewhere I couldn’t keep him cool.  I learned a few tips and tricks along the way for keeping dogs safe in hot weather.

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Preventing Ticks – 5 Things You Can Do This Week

Welcome to Summer!  It’s the time of year when families spend more time outdoors than in.  Summer brings barbecues, beaches, sunsets, and walks.  Summer also brings one of the most disgusting creatures on the planet—ticks.

It’s bad enough that they get on people, but when they get on pets, you can’t always see them under the fur.  Then your pets bring the ticks in the house, risking the health of your family and children.  While you can’t prevent every tick in your yard, a few easy steps keeps them at a minimum.
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