Why Your Pet Needs a Microchip

The first time I read about microchips, I thought the ethical implications were … questionable.  However, I luckily learned about the more widespread use of the microchip:  to identify animals.

All pets need a microchip.  Microchips identify which pet belongs to who at a shelter, and help locate your lost pet.  Even if your pets aren’t lost, knowing that all strays should be scanned can help you find the owner of that cute little stray that just appeared in your yard.

Read on to learn more about microchips, and how they help keep your pets safe.

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How to Find your Lost Cat FAST

Last week, I shared my Snot story over on my How to Find a Lost Dog post.  Snot was my first cat as an adult, and she hated the puppy.  She slipped out one night, and I didn’t know she was gone until morning.  The story illustrates two things about cats, that they can escape without notice, unlike dogs, and that finding them proves difficult as they don’t trust the way dogs do.

Today I’m going to talk about the lost cat.  I’m going to provide my best advice to recover your cat, and hope that even if your cat has been gone for weeks, you may still recover her.


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