Why the Guinea Pig Makes a Kick-Ass Pet

I’ve seen so many questions about choosing the best “first pet” for a child.  Lots of families have a “family dog” and “family cat,” but when we’re talking about a pet that your child will be personally responsible for, a guinea pig is my favorite pick.

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Comparing Exotic Pets

Congrats!  Maybe you’re here because you’ve decided to add the first exotic pets to the family, or maybe you just saw some cute baby gerbils on the Internet and want to learn more.  I’m here to outline the top five rodents kept as pets, their differences and similarities, and how to choose the right species for your family.

The top five species of rodents have strongly differing characteristics.  Gerbils are energetic, hamsters nocturnal.  Mice are friendly, guinea pigs not very bright, and rats are highly intelligent.  Each requires a different perspective on pet ownership, but all entertain in their own way.

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All About Keeping Guinea Pigs as Pets

Selecting a new pet should never be a quick decision, especially since exotic pets require special care to stay healthy and happy.  All pets require significant investment of time and money, plus space within your home.  Often people consider rodents easier than cats and dogs, but they require knowledgeable care to live a full life.  Before you decide to get a guinea pig, decide if they suit your family.


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